CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder, CaddyView V2 +Slope and Pin-Validation function, Black

The CaddyView V2 +Slope and Pin-Validation – (Black color) is the newest innovation from CaddyTek. The patented one-step “Mode-Switching” between Non-Slope and Slope compensation distance display lets golfers easily adjust this rangefinder to be used in the friendly/practice round of golf (with slope compensation distance display) or in the serious tournament. “FlagSeeking” and the Pin-Validation technology comes with this Laser Rangefinder identifies the closest target to help you get your measurement to the flagstick no matter what is behind the green. The new Pin-Validation function adds another confirmation of the locked target. The powerful 6x magnification also help you range subjects distance up to 800 yards easily and clearly. CaddyView V2 is large enough to use comfortably and compact enough for easy storage. This new laser rangefinder from CaddyTek will be a powerful tool for managing your golf. Enjoy the game with CaddyTek.