Caddytek CaddyCruiser 900 3-Wheel Electric Golf Cart



  • Advanced two ways communication (TWC) remote control system
  • Two safety functions: the cart stops automatically when it is out of the remote control range (approximately 60 meters/70 yards) or when no remote control function button is pressed by the operator for 60 seconds
  • Trim alignment to ensure the cart moving straight and change remote control frequency code from remote control transmitter easily, conveniently.
  • Easily switch operation between remote control and manual mode
  • Powerful, quiet dual 150w motors, maximum speed: 8 km/5 miles per hour
  • Change to Free Wheeling mood in seconds with quick release main wheels
  • 12V, 33AH rechargeable battery included (weight: 25lb/11.5 kg)
  • Light weight and compact design: weight: 29.8 lb (13.5KG), Folded Dimensions:
    30" x25" x12" (71×63×30 cm)

TWC Remote control unit function:
  • Forward/Backward, Left/Right Turns, Speed Control, Brake
  • Micro direction adjustment
  • Remote control code adjustment
  • Main battery and the transmitter battery power indicator LED
  • Speed indicator LED
  • Dimension: L11.5 x W5.3 x H3.4 cm / L4.5x W2.0x H1.3 inches
  • Weight: 11g/38oz with 2 AAA batteries

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